Digital.CSIC Mediated Archiving Service



Digital.CSIC is a digital document depository, created with the objective of organising, archiving, preserving and disseminating in open access mode, the intellectual production from CSIC research work. CSIC researchers may upload their work directly to the depository themselves, but may also delegate the process to libraries offering this service at their research centres (Delegated Archive Service in DIGITAL.CSIC). Such a possibility requires the completion of a form in the section “Send your work“ located within the Web Map.

The library collaborates in the dissemination and visibility of the scientific work carried out at EEA and on request, helps researchers incorporate work into Digital.CSIC, in accordance with international open access (IOA) rules and protocols. This research orientated service facilitates both the process of cataloguing and archiving of scientific work and applications for permissions to publishers that possess copyright rights.

Library application form for the archiving of publications:

From the information received on the form, the library will complete the archiving process, sending the work to digital CSIC and will process the author rights permissions to ensure publications can be disseminated without impediment.



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