International Archives Day 2018: “Committed to archival heritage”

In 2017, a collection of around 28 Arabic manuscripts documents that had been used by Luis Seco de Lucena Paredes, director of the School for almost thirty years, for his studies on Arabic documents were transferred to the Archive of the School of Arab Studies (CSIC).

sultana2The image shows one of these documents, specifically one of 1493 related to the heritage of the Nasrid sultana Zahr al-Riyad, which was edited and translated by the Arabist in the article: La familia de Muhammad X el Cojo, rey de Granada for the volume XI of the journal Al-Andalus (1946), p. 379-387.

Thanks to a growing awareness on the part of the scientific community and the commitment of the professionals in charge of the documentation, the custody, conservation and dissemination of collections of great importance for the history of science at the CSIC are guaranteed. and, by extension, in Spain.

Activity carried out by:
Font Ugalde, Miriam (EEA.CSIC Library)
Torre de Benito, Concepción (EEA.CSIC Library)


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