Publicación de Juan Pablo Arias Torres en el marco de los proyectos EuQu y CAMAM-BNE

Juan Pablo Arias Torres ha publicado el capítulo «A Qurʾanic Compendium in Spanish for Use by the Inquisition (BNE MS 2076)» en el libro The Qurʾan in Rome. Manuscripts, Translations, and the Study of Islam in Early Modern Catholicism, editado por Federico Stella y Roberto Tottoli (Berlín: De Gruyter, 2024). Este trabajo se inscribe entre los resultados de los proyectos The European Quʾran. Islamic Scripture in European Culture and Religion 1150–1850, EuQu (ERC 810141) y Catalogación de los manuscritos aljamiados, CAMAM-BNE (PID2019-107175GB-I00).



Study of the appendix, The ceremonies of the Moors, taken from the Alcorán of Mohamed and from other parts and other rites that have entered their customs, which are also held as ceremonies (Las ceremonias que tienen los moros sacadas del Alcorán de Mahoma y de otras partes y otros ritos que entre moros se han introducido por costumbre que también los guardan por ceremonias), from manuscript 2076 of the National Library of Spain (Biblioteca Nacional de España, BNE). The text was written by an inquisitor named Dr Zárate during the second half of the sixteenth century. This paper describes and identifies the Qur’anic content selected by the author, comparing it with the topics discussed by two other contemporary authors of anti-Qur’anic literature (Martín de Figuerola and Juan Andrés), in order to identify common recurring topics. It also analyses the transcriptions and translations of suras 1, 112, 113 and 114 found in this compendium. Lastly, the paper examines not only the originality of Zárate’s text, but also its passable utility for inquisitors, despite the imprecision of much of its content.


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