General rules regarding the consultation of special collections.

  1. Special collections are considered as:
  • Manuscripts
  • Works earlier than 1920, and later works that possess singular characteristics, such as autographs, author’s notes, special bindings, etc.
  • Laminas, drawings, etchings, photographs, and maps
  • EEA Historical Archive documents.
  • Any item considered worthy of special protection in its conservation.
  1. – All the above are excluded from loans and may only be consulted for research purposes.
  2. – It is possible that consultation of such items may be made using the facsimile or digital version of the document. Manuscript items can be consulted on the Manuscripta.CSIC webpage. Consultation of originals will only be authorized in exceptional cases, for duly justified and authorized research purposes.
  3. – Authorization for consultation is granted in the following circumstances:
  • The user must be in possession of a valid library card. A valid Identity card or passport is required for obtaining a library card. Access is restricted in the case of persons with a criminal record.
  • Historical Archive documentation is only accessible in very exceptional, duly justified and previously authorized cases. It is a prerequisite to send a written request to the electronic address: justifying the consultation and obtaining the pertinent authorization. Consultation, which must always be supervised by library technical staff, can only be made during morning opening hours.
  • Collections already digitized and made available on internet are not available on loan.
  • Users are responsible for the care of any items in their possession until return to library staff.
  • Requests for consultation must be made upon reservation from Virtual Library and such a consultation must be carried out in the Reading Room, or in an especially designated area. Removal from the premises of the building is not permitted, except in exceptional cases and with duly obtained permission.
  • The moving of documents can only be carried out by library staff.
  • All handling must be carried out with cotton or latex gloves by library staff.
  • Simultaneous consultation is restricted to a maximum of 3 works (titles) or 6 volumes.
  • The user must never be left alone in the reading room and will be subject to permanent surveillance.
  • As a security measure, users must deposit any personal belongings (bulky clothes, bags, briefcases, etc.) in the designated area.
  • The use of laptop computers is only permitted through prior authorization.
  • During the consultation of collections, the use of inks or pens that may cause damage to works are not permitted. Researchers may only use pencils in the room. Any writing, underlining or any other type of marking on the pages of books is strictly forbidden.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking or any other conducts that differ from the purpose for which the Reading Room is intended are forbidden.
  • Other books or papers must not be placed on open library books. Writing on papers placed on the books is not permitted.
  • Under no circumstances can documents be copied in any form. The library may facilitate the digital photographic reproduction of part of the document requested by the user Document access service in the photographic reproduction section, in compliance with service regulations.
  • Before copying any part of a document, permission must be requested using the form for such a purpose. The reproduction of text by any means requires citation of the origin of the text, with a copy of such a text submitted to staff.

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