Access to CSIC digital information resource service


The library offers assistance and free electronic access points to the following information resources:



CSIC Virtual Library
Point of access to the complete text of over 80 million documents: articles, books, thesis, patents, reports, etc. This tool allows users to consult all the information contained in CSIC subscribed journals, digital books and data bases, the CSIC Library and Archive Network, the Institutional Digital Repository and free access to digital format resources of relevance to the institution’s researchers. External users may use this service as “invited guests“ and as partially privileged users. The so called ‘citation trail’ utility enables users to follow cited articles or to be cited in others.

CSIC catalogues:
Free public access to the CSIC Library Network catalogues. This service permits access to collections at any library affiliated to the CSIC Library Network, irrespective of its medium or nature.

E-journals, e-books and data bases
Direct but restricted consultation to the main interdisciplinary digital books and journals, and data bases to which all CSIC institutions subscribe, together with EEA subscribed specific sources.
Access is made from the Virtual Library. Users belonging to the CSIC can do so, after identification, from any computer. External users with a card can access only from the reading room’s computer.
In the interest of correct use of licenses, it is recommended that users consult the conditions of Use indicated for each resource.

Open access to the CSIC repository, containing part of the intellectual production from research performed by its researchers.

SIMURG-CSIC Digitized Collections
Website offering free public access to the recently digitalized CSIC heritage collections, conserved at CSIC Libraries and Archives, as part of “Programme for digitalization of CSIC collections.

Free public access to manuscript collections in Hebrew, Arabic, Aljamiado, Persian, and Turkish, preserved and stored at CSIC subsidiary institutions of the Tomas Navarro Library of Humanities and Social Sciences and at the EEA (School of Arabic studies).



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