Services offered by the Library of the School of Arabic Studies

Reading room

Libraries belonging to the CSIC Library Network manage highly specialized collections.

Library can be used by:

  1. Internal users with library card:
    Permanent or temporary CSIC members registered in the CSIC Intranet, who in accordance with the rules of the institution are eligible for inclusion in the directory: researchers, CSIC fellowship students, research support staff, administrative personnel, etc.
  2. External users with libray card: those not falling within the internal user category, but require the use of collections and CSIC Library Network services for the development of a research activity: accredited teachers, researchers, doctors, graduates and  university students.They can not make use of the interlibrary loan service but of the personal loan and the reserve
  3. External users without a library card: those persons not falling within the mentioned categories who need to consult the collections for duly justifiable reasons. They can request documents for consultation in the Reading room but they can not make use of the personal loan, reserve and interlibrary loan services. They should present ID or passport

Users of groups 2 and 3 can not use the reading room for other private purposes that are not related to the consultation of collections and services.

Library card

Only library card will be issued to users of groups 1 and 2. It is mandatory for certain services such as Advance Booking, Personal Loan and Interlibrary Loan.

Library card may be obtained or renewed by presenting a valid ID or passport and a document proving his condition, at the library in person.

Such card is available free of charge and serve as identification of the users who have authorization to use the services offered at all CSIC Network libraries.

Each card defines user status, determining the range of services to which each user is entitled, especially, with regard to personal and inter-library lending.

Services offered by the Library

ATTENTION: How to use the library during the COVID19 pandemic (Spanish)

Most services are available to all types of users except those intended for use by internal staff only

Other service related matters

CSIC Library Regulations and Customer Charter

Complaints and Suggestions:  Users may use this channel to make complaints, suggestions or propose any initiatives they consider appropriate with regard to the functioning of the Administrative Departments of institutions belonging to the state owned agency CSIC.

Are you a library user? Do you know how much the services offered by the libracalculadorry would cost, if they were to be paid from your own pocket?

The CSIC Library Network Calculator allows the cost of the services provided to be calculated. The tool originally proposed by the Massachusetts Library Association, has been adapted to the purposes of research libraries and performs the calculation of what services would cost, were they to be paid directly by users themselves, in the absence of the work carried out by the library. Users may discover the value of the library network’s intermediation and libraries, the return on investment made.

FAQS on the services and resources offered by the Network (Spanish)

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