Information, guidance and user services

galeria-biblioteca-imagen2The Library provides answers to general or specific enquiries regarding access to information resources at the Library, as well as information on the nature and organisation of the services offered.

Enquiries can be made on-site in person or remotely (by telephone, post or email, or electronically via Facebook or chat services).

EEA researchers also have an electronic messaging service at their disposal, providing up-to-date news on the CSIC Library Network. Information on newly acquired books and journals can be obtained through the news bulletin channel News Bulletins.

The URICI Website (Scientific Information Resources Unit) offers users numerous tutorials, providing guidance on how to consult catalogues, data bases or the digital resources provided by the CSIC Library Network. Certain professional documents, regulations and tutorials can be accessed within our own section Tutorials, regulations and professional documents

Please use the following means to contact the library:
Telephone: 958222290 Extension 117 or 118

Instant Chat Enquiries: the chief librarian can be contacted from 9:30 to 14:30, Monday to Friday, using the dialogue box in the bottom right corner of the webpage.


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